Private Classes (One-to-one’s)

If you are new to Pilates, are suffering from pain or discomfort, recovering from injury, illness or child-birth, we recommend taking a few private classes to get you going.

All of our instructors are highly trained and in a private class you’ll have the benefit of all their knowledge and experience in re-programming bodies.

Your instructor will be assessing your body as you move through the exercises and will use the information they gather to put together a workout aimed at correcting postural imbalances and compensation patterns which may be causing you pain and holding you back from achieving the strength and tone you would like in certain areas.

New exercises will be layered into every class so you will always be building on what you have learnt and progressing through the work.

These classes use all the equipment available at the time of the class, so each class is varied.

Try a private taster class for £47.50 to get you started.

Private Class – Prices

Introductory Offers

Taster Class £47.50

Starter Pack (5 classes) £290

Pay As You Go

£70 per single class

5 classes for £320 (Save £30)

10 classes for £620 (Save £80)

20 classes for £1,180 (Save £220)

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