Our Story

Teaser on the caddilac at Pepilates London, SW4

Pepilates was started in 2009, Wimbledon was opened in 2016. Emma Collins bought the business in 2017 and aims to keep the business true to the Classical Pilates method whilst looking to expand.

Emma Collins, a dedicated Pilates follower for many years, took over the business with the aim to continue to grow Pepilates whilst maintaining the ethos of the business and the high quality of the instruction the studio has offered over the years. The Clapham studio had to close as it was being redeveloped in 2019. 

The Concept

A private Pilates class at Pepilates London SW4

Pilates in the UK has no governing body or regulation. It is possible to train as an instructor online, over the course of a few weekends or a comprehensive full year course so the quality of instruction hugely varied. At Pepilates, the aim was to create a studio that the most committed and well-trained instructors could call home. It offers a friendly, welcoming environment where ongoing training of the teachers is incentivized, teachers are happy and feel free to express their understanding of the method, and our clients feel comfortable trusting us with the maintenance of their bodies.

Pilates with us is your insurance policy against aches and pains and general deterioration of your physical wellbeing.

The Studios

The Wimbledon Studio opened in 2016 and the range of classes on offer is continuing to grow. Assuming all goes well, who knows where we will appear next!