Questionnaire – Marianne

NAME: Marianne

AGE: 67

INJURIES/STATUS: Stiff toe joints. Back pain

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COMING TO PEPILATES: 2 years, then 18 month gap. I returned in March



1. What inspired you to take up Pilates?

Advice from a friend as I had back ache

2. Why did you decide to practice at Pepilates?

To aid mobility and relieve aches and pains

3. How many classes do you think you have had, or do you think you take on average per year?

Recently, 4/5 times a week. Now I am fitter, I shall continue 2-3 times a week.

4. Has your body/wellness changed since practicing Pilates, if so how many classes do you think it took to notice a difference?

It took ten classes for the change to be significant – after 5, I could reach past my knees to my calves and after ten, to the floor. My core is stronger and lower back pain gone.

5. What do you enjoy most about Pilates?

I always feel better after a session.

6. If you have been attending classes for a while, do you feel you have improved?

Definitely. Level 1 to Level 3 in 4 weeks.

7. Does Pilates impact on your life outside the studio?

I stand better and therefore have no back pain nor feet pain.

8. If you have tried a few, what is your favourite piece of equipment?

The Reformer

9. Do you know your favourite Pilates move?

Yes – the Short Spine

10. Three words to sum up your Pepilates experience?

Positive. Progress. Pleasure