Questionnaire – Lorna

NAME: Lorna


1. What inspired you to take up Pilates?

My first Pilates class was at dance camp when I was 14. The teacher sat us all in a circle, and tried to make us wiggle JUST our second toe. I can’t say I understood it at all then (and I still can’t do that…), but I was certainly intrigued. The next year we were given a handout of stick figures doing the classical matwork, and I took it home and learned it all. I found that sheet again a few years ago, tucked into the back of my first Pilates book – I didn’t realise how much it would direct the course of my life, if many years later!

I took up Pilates more seriously when I moved to London 10 years after that, when I started going to movement classes to avoid having to sit in on lectures for my (abandoned) Master’s Program at the LSE. When I arrived at Pepilates in October 2011 for Harvey’s Sunday 11am Intermediate Mat class, I knew I was home.

2. Do you do any other form of exercise?

I stopped doing ballet when I was 25, but that was a huge part of my life from age 2 upwards, and has greatly influenced the kind of a mover (and thinker and human being) that I am. Now I swim twice a week, do Pilates most days, a bit of yoga (less seriously than I used to a couple of years ago), and an aerial trapeze or hoop class a week.

3. What do you get up to outside of the studio?

(Haha). I work at two other studios, so at the moment my life mainly consists of doing Pilates, teaching Pilates, doing admin for my Pilates jobs, or traveling to teach Pilates outside of the UK. Since my hobby became my profession, I’ve struggled to find new hobbies, because Pilates is just the best!

But when I’m really off duty, my partner and I enjoy long walks along the Thames, cooking and watching films. I also drink insane amounts of expensive loose leaf green teas.

4. What is your favourite Pilates move and piece of equipment?

I go through phases with the equipment I prefer and which movements feel best in my body, and really appreciate that there’s so much variety in the method – so my workout can be and/or feel totally different every day. At the moment I’m into the Reformer, and how I can use the spring to create different sensations in my body, almost direct it how and where I want it to go inside me to give me support. Footwork, Stomach Massage, Short Spine, Headstand Front, Semi-Circle, and Russian Squats are some of my favourites at the moment. And I’m always happy to whip out a Squirrel on the Cadillac.

5. Three words to describe you?

Enthusiastic, Creative, and Empathetic

I’ll give you three words that people have used to describe me when I’m teaching, which I wouldn’t normally ascribe to myself. I love that Pilates allows me to be someone that I didn’t think I could ever be, because I really can be a grumpy boring sod when I’m not teaching!