Questionnaire – Kate

NAME: Kate

AGE: 42

INJURIES/STATUS: Injury-free, long term client


DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN ANY OTHER SPORT/ACTIVITY: I love walking, cycling and swimming.


1. What inspired you to take up Pilates?

I took up Pilates 9 years ago following a disc injury. The disc injury was a major wake-up call for me and I realised I need to take better care of myself, to strengthen my core and protect myself from future problems.

2. Why did you decide to practice at Pepilates?

I was attracted to Pepilates due to the quality of the teaching and the focus on the classical method of Pilates. The founder of Pepilates used to teach at another studio that I used to go to and when she set up Pepilates she took a lot of the teachers with her. I moved to Pepilates after Harvey started teaching there because he’s a very talented and creative teacher.

3. How many classes do you think you have had, or do you think you take on average per year?

I do about 90 classes a year (I checked the records!). I do 2-3 classes a week and really feel the benefit of regular classes.

4. Has your body/wellness changed since practicing Pilates, if so how many classes do you think it took to notice a difference?

My body has totally transformed since I started doing Pilates. I feel much stronger and healthier in my early 40s than I did in my early 30s. I am so much stronger and more flexible and I have much better posture. I definitely saw an improvement within the first month of doing Pilates twice a week (around 8 classes).

5. What do you enjoy most about Pilates?

I enjoy the variety of exercises you can do using the studio equipment and even though I’ve been doing Pilates for years there are always new challenges. No two classes are the same. The teachers always try new approaches and mix things up to give us variety. I have an office job and love doing Pilates so that I can move my body and use my muscles. I love the feeling I get after a class – a real buzz.

6. If you have been attending classes for a while, do you feel you have improved?

I keep improving all the time. There were some exercises that I never thought I’d manage to do, for example, rolling like a ball, but I keep getting better over time and I sometimes amaze myself when I find a breakthrough.

7. Does Pilates impact on your life outside the studio?

Pilates has helped me get better at other sports, for example swimming, as I have learned how to breathe in a controlled way and I suspect I’ve also increased my lung capacity.

Pilates has given me more confidence in my work and personal life as I look and feel good about myself. I took up Pilates so that I could be healthier on the inside and protect myself from injury. It wasn’t about getting a ‘beach body’ or losing weight, although those things have happened as a side effect of Pilates! I am lean and strong, thanks to Pilates and having better posture gives me more confidence in social situations, whether in a business setting or outside work.

8. If you have tried a few, what is your favourite piece of equipment?

I love using all the different types of equipment but I think my favourite is the Tower because I like the exercises using the leg and arm straps.

9. Do you know your favourite Pilates move?

I don’t have a set favourite Pilates move. What amazes me after several years of Pilates is that there are still lots more moves to learn.

10. Three words to sum up your Pepilates experience?

Fun, varied, inspiring