Questionnaire – Kachaan

NAME: Kachaan

AGE: 25





1. What inspired you to take up Pilates?

Because of wanting to take part in a method of exercise that is trustworthy, effective and thorough yet safe, as a means of cross training for dance. Also, to build more strength and get a great all round workout for my body.

2. Why did you decide to practice at Pepilates?

Before coming here I had only done Pilates briefly a few times over the years. I wanted to choose somewhere that I would be able to trust, so that I could get on track properly with my Pilates journey. The information on Pepilates’ website gave me the confidence that I could trust the level of instruction that the teachers offered. This was important to me as still being quite new at practicing Pilates, there is a lot of understanding to be gained about the method. It was great to see my first session (an equipment class) lived up to this expectation. I also chose Pepilates because of the variety of options (equipment, mat, private and duet classes) and because the style of Pilates offered is classical.

3. How many classes do you think you have had, or do you think you take on average per year?

Once a week/every other week.

4. Has your body/wellness changed since practicing Pilates, if so how many classes do you think it took to notice a difference?

Since taking up Pilates as cross training recently, when executing certain dance moves, I am starting to feel stronger and more stable. With Pepilates, I have taken 4 classes so far, which has included equipment, mat and private classes.

5. What do you enjoy most about Pilates?

It is both challenging and simple. It definitely keeps you on your toes, yet still feels attainable.

6. If you have been attending classes for a while, do you feel you have improved?

I have not done that many classes but feel that I’m gradually getting used to the little nuances of Pilates, e.g. doing transitions between exercises, precise movements.

7. Does Pilates impact on your life outside the studio?

It is both giving me great cross training and conditioning my body holistically.

8. If you have tried a few, what is your favourite piece of equipment?

The reformer because of how versatile it is to exercise with, it keeps things fresh and exciting. But I was introduced to the Pilates chair during the last class that I took. It’s new to me, but that might become a favourite too. I love how it also can be used in lots of different ways.

9. Do you know your favourite Pilates move?

I haven’t decided just yet, there is still a lot for me to learn. But what I enjoy working on most at the moment are exercises that strengthen the arms and legs.

10. Three words to sum up your Pepilates experience?

Professional, fun, caring