About Us

Pepilates has a fully equipped Pilates studios in Wimbledon (SW19) offering Private classes and Mat and Group Equipment based classes. 

Our group classes are small, with a maximum of 3 people in the Group Equipment classes and 5 people in the Mat classes.

At Pepilates, our intention is to offer the highest quality Pilates classes in London. To achieve this, we only employ the most qualified instructors working in the classical style. We believe that there is no need to mess with the original method conceived by Joseph Pilates. and many of our clients have experienced the life changing effects that quality classical Pilates can have. Check out our testimonials »

Our fully qualified instructors have graduated from the most rigorous Pilates teacher training courses in the world and are continuously furthering their education in the Pilates method. They bring this passion for Pilates into every class and will work with you to help you look good and feel great. Learn about the teachers »>

Our luxury Pilates studios are the perfect place to unwind and take care of your body. View the gallery »